"Happiness Charge Precure, Innocent Form!"

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Sora Kazesawa | ♎ | Libra Constellation Appeal
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10th Anniversary Message | Episode 34 | Cure White
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Precure Series Animators | Naotoshi Shida (志田直俊)

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Favourite Precure Moments | Camp is Life, Life is Guitar

"I studied the book I borrowed from Otokichi! Camp is life! Which means life is guitar! Come on, let’s sing with everybody! The best 10 life songs!”

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"Eren, that outfit…"
"What happened?"

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Aoi Kiriya | ♒ | Crystal Aquarius Coord
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 You think I’m not a g o d d e s s? (inspiration: x x

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10th Anniversary Message | Episode 33 | Cure Muse
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Smile Precure! Princess Form
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